my story

Hello everyone! My name is Erika.

I love to laugh a lot, although I rarely have a reason to. You see, I am unable to walk, sit, talk or grab a toy. I have the feeling that there is something wrong with me.

Following my preterm birth I was a joyful and healthy little girl. My doctor praised me and admired how skillful I was when shortly after birth I started sucking my thumb and sitting, with just a little help from my mum and dad. But then the doctor asked my parents when they were going to vaccinate me…

You can probably deduce what followed. I got a couple of “bee stings“ and my body stopped listening to me. No longer could my parents put me in a sitting position because my head would fall down. I still wanted to suck my thumb but suddenly I didn’t know how to lift my hands. In the first two months of my life I hadn’t learnt many moves, but after my vaccination I lost all mobility. I turned into a rag doll.

Since that time my parents have done all that they can to help me. Exercising is crucial and so my parents take me to medical spas. The therapy in such health resorts needs to be repeated three or four times a year and as you can imagine, this is costly. The medical spa and spa outside the covered term costs 80-120 thousand Czech crowns. It is not easy to afford this.

Thank you very much for your attention your Erica and her parents.